Keyword Traffic Potential Using Google

Google Ads To Estimate Keyword Traffic Potential

Google Ads can help you estimate keyword traffic potential. To get accurate traffic data you should use Google Ads and bid on search terms of your choice. However, using Google Ads can be quite expensive, especially with a lot of keywords. There are more affordable alternatives. You can find out how often search terms are used relative to each other using Google Trends.

Comparing Search Terms with Google Trends

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Google Trends is a free tool you can use to compare search frequency of two or more terms. For example, a Medicare insurance company could compare “Medicare Advantage Plan” with “Medicare Supplement Plan.” Google Trends shows higher search frequency for Medicare Advantage Plan. However, this does not mean a Medicare company should optimize for “Medicare Advantage Plan” because competition is probably high for that search term. One problem with Google Trends is some keywords have too little search data. In these cases, Google Trends will not be able to help you. This happens a lot with long-term keywords.

Organic Traffic on Google Analytics

In Google Analytics (Behavior > Site Content > All Pages) you can check number of times a page on your site has been viewed (for all sources, not just search engines). You can filter results to view traffic form just search engines. Click the Secondary dimension drop-down menu and click Acquisition > Medium. In addition, you can click Source / Medium to specify the search engine. Alternatively, a second way to filter site traffic is by creating a segment that only includes “Organic Traffic.” There’s a ready-made segment called “Organic Traffic” already available in Google Analytics. You can all a segment by clicking Add segment at top of page in any view from Audience to Conversion. Then you choose a segment from the list, such as Organic Traffic, and you will only see traffic coming through search engines.

How to Use Google Trend to Rank Keywords

Google Trends tool allows you to compare up to five keywords side-by-side. The more keywords you compare, the more accurate your assessment of a keyword’s traffic potential. For example, you can compare one keyword to four other keywords. Then repeat the process by comparing the same keyword to four other keywords. When you repeat this process ten time using the same keyword, you will find how that keyword ranks against 40 other keywords.

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