Rental Property Management

Ken’s Corporate Housing is a rental property management firm in South Tampa. We manage residential property: condominiums, townhouses, and single family houses. Primarily, we manage fully furnished apartments. In addition, we manage unfurnished property.

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Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our vision is to maintain positive relations with tenants, property owners, and property contractors. Our mission is to minimize rental costs. So tenants enjoy discount rents, property owner have more income, and contractors are paid a fair price.

Our Core Values:

  • Clean and Well-Maintained Property – detailed move-in and move-out inspections including videos and photos.
  • Make and Keep Rental Promises – includes promises to tenants, property owners and contractors
  • Full Rental Expense Transparency – includes contractor invoices and utility bills

How We Clean and Maintain Property

Our rental property management firm employs independent contractors to clean and maintain property. The cleaning company we employ uses a team of two housekeepers to efficiently clean the property. After we inspect the property and determine it’s dirty, we schedule the home cleaning right away. So the the property shows well to renter, reduces vacancy and rent loss.

We employ maintenance contractor for handyman work and licenses contractors for plumbing, electrical, Air Conditioning and Heating, Appliance repairs, and locksmiths. Our handyman does repairs that does not require a Florida license such as:

  • Flooring – installing carpet, wood laminate, and tile
  • Plumbing – that doesn’t require disconnecting water lines such as faucets and toilets
  • Drywall – repairing holes in walls and painting
  • Doors and windows – installing new doors and locks, window blinds and screens
  • Electrical – replacing outlets, switches, light fixtures, and ceiling fans

Rental Property Management Promises

Our rental property management firm only makes promises we can keep. We make the following promises:

Inspection Promises

We promise to document using a printed move-in checklist that inventory and condition of all furnishing in all rooms. Furthermore, we promise to video record the move-in condition of all rooms. We promise to reference this move-in checklist and move-in video upon move-out for assessing claim on tenant’s security deposit.

Security Deposit Promises

We promise to return tenant’s security deposit under the following conditions:

  • When tenants vacate and leave the property clean, undamaged, and comply with terms of the rental contract, we promise to refund the full security deposit.
  • When claims are made for cleaning or damage, we take digital photos and refund the balance of the security deposit by certified mail.

Rental Expense Promises

Our property management firm makes property owners the following rental expense promises: Property owner will have online access to all rental documents including: rental contract, move-in checklist, move-in video, rent deposit agreements, contractor invoices, and utility bills. Contractor invoices includes the names and contact information. Should you want to verify any contractor invoice you can communicate directly with the contractor. By providing property owners with full rental expense transparency, you can confirm there are no hidden fees.

Calculating Your Net Rental Income

Our property management firm calculates your net rental income using the following formula:

Net Rental Income = [Rent Collected * (100 – management fee %)] – Rental Expenses

If rent collected is $2700 on 2 bedroom furnished apartment and our management fee is 16% and rental expense is all utilities $300, then Net Rental Income = ($2700 * .84) – 300 = $1968 is the amount of rent you are paid.

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