Hiring Property Manager

5 Top Reasons To Hire A Property Manager

  1. Remove the emotion distress of dealing with renters
  2. Avoid the stress of fixing property
  3. Avoid the hassles of rent collection
  4. Spend more time doing the things you love
  5. Spend more time with the people you love

When Brian Kenneth “Ken” Kondas manages your property, you get access to tenant leasing documents, contractor invoices, tenant deposit agreements and security deposit claims. These documents provide verifiable proof that you are accurately being charged and paid the correct amounts. There are no “hidden fees.” These documents include:

  • Rental Contract
  • Move-in checklist
  • Move-in video
  • Move-out photos
  • Contractor invoices
  • Tenant deposit agreements
  • Claims on tenant’s security deposit

For more information about “How Property Managers Overcharge and Underpay Owners and How To Avoid Financial Loss” read 7 ‘Hidden Fees’ of Property Managers.

5 Reasons To Hire Ken

  1. When my approved tenants do not lease the property, I retain the renter’s forfeited deposit and pay your percentage of the advanced rent.
  2. When tenants are responsible for the maintenance, the tenant’s security deposit (not the owner) pays for the maintenance expense.
  3. Providing you with contractor invoices makes it easy for you to confirm the amount you’re charged equals the contractor’s invoice price.
  4. I inform you when it’s leased and when it’s vacant. You have the right to inspect the property to confirm it’s vacant.
  5. When tenants vacate the property and there’s tenant damages, I make claims on the tenant’s security deposit (I don’t charge the owner).

Apply For Property Management

It’s my pleasure to manage your property. Please apply for property management.