How to Rank Keyword Traffic Potential

Using Google Trends you can compare search volumes of up to 5 different queries. For example, you can enter keywords followed by commas in the search bar at For instance, you can enter the following keywords:

  • Medicare Part A
  • Medicare Part B
  • Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Medicare Part D
  • Medicare Supplement Plan

When you enter these keywords separated by commas and press enter, you will see the color coded chart below for search interest over time.

How to rank keyword traffic potential
Google Trends Chart

You can change the geographic region and time period. In addition, you can change search category form web search to any of the following: image search, news search, google shopping, and Youtube search.

Google Trends Chart

The high peak on the Google Trends chart is December 1-7, 2019. Highest interest to lowest interest is as follows: Medicare Part D (green), Medicare Part B (red), Medicare Part A (blue), Medicare Advantage Plan (yellow), Medicare Supplement Plan (purple). Using a spreadsheet yo ca assign number values (1-10) for each search term with 10 having the most traffic potential and 1 having the least traffic potential. Therefore, Medicare Part D = 10, Medicare Part B = 9, Medicare Part A = 5, Medicare Advantage Plan = 4, and Medicare Supplement Plan = 3. These are the traffic potential ranking of Medicare head keywords in the United States over the past 12 months on web search.

How to Rank Keyword Traffic Potential on Google Trends

You can use mid value head keyword as a base value when you rank mid tail keywords. For example, you can use Medicare Part A (rank of 5) as your keyword base value. When you compare mid-tail keywords, use the base rank (5) to rank mid-tail keywords. For example, you could have the following mid-tail keywords:

  • Medicare Part D costs (rank 1)
  • Medicare Part D enrollment (rank 1)
  • Medicare Part D penalty (rank 1)
  • Medicare Part D 2020 (rank 2)

Now you can compare other mid-tail keywords. For example, keeping the same base keyword, Medicare Part A (rank of 5), you can rank the following mid-tail keywords:

  • Medicare Part B premium (rank 1.5)
  • Medicare Part B deductible (rank 1)
  • Medicare Part B enrollment (rank 1)
  • Medicare Part B 2020 (rank 2)

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