Business Mission and Unique Selling Points

Before you start working on keyword list you need to have a clear view of your business mission and unique selling points. A head keyword is the most generic keyword and is often based on your business mission. Keywords represent what you have to offer your visitors. Your mission is the primary reason for your business existing. Your mission statement may contain your head keywords.

business mission
Google Logos

Google changed its logo on September 1, 2015. However, it’s mission has remained the same since 1998. Google’s business mission is to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Define Your Business Mission

Ask yourself the following questions to define your business mission:

  • What can people do with your product?
  • What makes your product unique?
  • How will it improve your visitor’s lives?
  • Why are you the best source?
  • Why are you offering your services? (other than money)

When you answer these questions, you’ll have a clear idea of your mission. As a result, you can write your mission statement which describes your company’s present capabilities. Your mission statement answers the question: who are we? Key features of a mission statement include:

  • Believed by you and all stakeholders
  • Different from your competitors
  • Inspires you and society

Write down your mission statement in one clear sentence. It’s a great idea to communicate your mission to your audience on your website.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Unique Selling Point (USP) sets you apart from your competition. It’s why a visitor would choose you over someone else. This could be:

  • a unique product
  • your expertise
  • original writing
  • competitive prices
  • great service

A USP is anything that sets you apart from your competition. If there’s nothing unique about you, then it will be very difficult for people to find you.


Business mission and USP will help you develop a list of relevant keywords. However, people may not be searching for the words or phrases contained in your business mission or USP. People may be searching for certain problems they experience and want to solve. If people are searching for your USP, you should definitely optimize those keywords to have a better chance of being the best result.

Keywords should be what people search for. Your USP might not necessarily be what people search for. Look at your USPs then think about how would your audience search for the thing that you sell or whatever it is you do. Can your USP be translated into search queries? However, the audience might be searching for something else entirely. Your USP might be what convinces someone to buy that thing through you.

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