How To Write Keyword List

How to write keyword list

  1. Research potential keywords.

    Research what people are searching for based on the mission and unique selling points of your website. Use Google Search, Google Trends, Yoast Suggest, your own site data and, if you run ad campaigns, Google Adwords keyword planner.

  2. Type Head Keywords

    Use spreadsheet application such as Numbers or Excel and type 5 to 10 head keywords. Remember to take the perspective of your audience: what are they searching for?

  3. Type Mid Tail Keywords

    Add 3 to 10 mid tail keywords for every head keyword.

  4. Type Long Tail Keywords

    Add 3 to 10 long tail keywords for every mid tail keyword.

Tips on How to Write Keyword List

Mid tail and long tail keywords should be related either directly with head keyword or synonym of it. For example, “dog photography” is head keyword. “Dog show photography” maybe mid-tail keyword. “Large breed dog photography” could be long-tail keyword.

how to write keyword list
Romeo dog

Your brand name could be keyword if people search for it. The larger your brand becomes, the more important it is to use your brand name with keywords. A good strategy is to combine your brand name with important head keywords. You want to at least look at search results for your brand name and find out if you rank for that keyword. It could be the easiest traffic you can get.

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Keyword research is the first step to successful SEO. Your next step is to develop the content that matches these keywords. Get more information about digital marketing.

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