Repair PVC Pipe

Repair PVC Pipe

Irrigation water lines for lawn sprinkler system use PVC water pipes buried several inches under the ground. These plastic pipes can easily break when digging in the ground with a shovel. When you dig in the wrong place, you may hit and break the PVC pipe. I’ll give you the step-by-step instructions on how to repair PVC pipe.

I broke PVC pipe when I was digging up a tree stump. When it happened, my wife said to call a plumber to fix it. I don’t like spending big bucks on a plumber. Especially, when it’s a small project and I can do it myself. Here’s how I successfully repaired the PVC pipe.

I’ll give you the step-by-step instructions on how to repair PVC pipe.

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how to fix broke irrigation line
Repaired PVC pipe

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Excavate the ground around the broke PVC pipe.
  2. Cut a straight edge where the PVC pipe broke so the end can be securely connected to new PVC replacement pipe
  3. Cut out a piece of the existing PVC pipe to create a gap of several inches long
  4. Measure the gap and purchase the following materials: blue PVC cement, purple PVC primer, PVC tube long enough to fit the gap, and two PVC connectors. The PVC tube needs to be the same diameter as the existing PVC. Helpful Tip – bring the PVC pipe you cut out as a reference to determine the correct diameter.
Repair PVC Pipe
Purple PVC primer
Repair PVC Pipe
Blue Cement

5. Cut the new PVC pipe so that after you insert the connectors on each end the total length will fix the gap.

6. Apply purple primer to outside end of existing PVC and one end of PVC connector, then apply blue PVC cement to same ends.

7. Connect the glued PVC connector to the glued existing PVC end and repeat the process of priming and gluing all connections.

Tips on Fixing PVC pipes

When connecting rigid PVC, it’s helpful to dig out several feet so you can bend the rigid PVC and fit it together. Getting the final ends together can be a bit tricky. You might consider purchasing a flexible PVC tube instead of a rigid PVC tube to make the installation easier. The last tip is to place the PVC pipe across two plastic saw horses. Then use a jigsaw to cut PVC pipe.

Repair PVC Pipe

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