Find Your Company’s Niche

Find your company niche and dominate! Most important factors of successful keyword strategy is your audience. Without an audience there is no show! First, you need to know what your audience wants. Knowing you audience can help you come up with successful keywords. You want your audience to find you based on the keywords they are using.

What does your potential audience want to find? It’s easier to answer this question when you segment the market into a smaller part called a niche. People in a niche have specific needs. You can find a niche and dominate it! The more specific your niche, the easier it is to rank. Who your audience is depends on your niche. For some companies, such as Facebook and Amazon, almost the whole world is the audience. Most companies are not looking to target a global audience. Most companies need to carefully consider the specific audience they will target to maximize return on investment.

Ken’s Corporate Housing

At Ken’s Corporate Housing, providing furnished apartments, we can lease our homes to many different renters. However, we still carefully consider who would be interested and how we can reach these people. We adapt our SEO to them.

Condo in South Tampa

The more you know about the people who might be interested in the thing you sell, the easier it will be to optimize your website for them. For example, we provide furnished apartments in South Tampa. Our company has a local niche. As a result, we can’t house people all around the world because we don’t manage housing worldwide. We only focus on locations where we manage property. We adapt our SEO to specific communities in South Tampa.

Do You Sell Locally?

Your niche might be something like: your product name or service for people living within your specific geographic location who want your unique selling points (USP). When you have a profile of your audience, its easier for you to target this niche. You maybe active in different niches at the same time. Different services may have different niches. For example, we create SEO content with engaging photography, compelling videos and writing that touches the hearts of our audience. Our SEO service could reach a global audience.

How Do You Get To Know Your Audience?

First, what do you need to know about your audience?

  • Interests
  • Age
  • Location
  • Other factors

What do you already know about your audience? Why did customers use your product or service? If you don’t know, ask them.

Tools to Analyze Your Visitors

Find out who is visiting your website with Google Analytics. Get daily updates on website traffic, user locations, and how long visitors stay on your pages, and more! This helps you identify which pages appeal to your audience, and which don’t. Using Facebook insights you can do the same thing with your Facebook pages.

Another tactic is to analyze search terms people use in your internal search function. Discover what people are looking for on your site. Maybe you can learn something new about your audience. In addition, you can analyze comments on blog posts. You can get ideas for content and service by responding to issues users raise in comments.

Reach Out To Your Audience Directly

You can learn a lot by talking to visitors directly. Based on your specific niche you can attend trade shows, conferences, or other events and meet many potential visitors and customers. Ask people questions to discover their needs and values. Furthermore, you can send surveys to customers and get valuable insights.

To get a complete view of your audience you need to use multiple tactics. When your company grows and evolves, so does your niche. You may be able to branch out into other niches within your market. Be aware of your place within the market so you can bet serve your audience. Whatever niches you grow into make sure your keywords are used by those niches.

Digital Marketing

Keyword research is the first step to successful SEO. Your next step is to develop the content that matches these keywords. Get more information about digital marketing.

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